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Quick2Judge    is a computerized electronic scoring system for use in various martial arts matches such as Forms, Olympic Sparring and Point Sparring.  The system is powerful enough to be used in tournaments, and can be up and running in a matter of a few minutes, making it ideal for in-school training.  The system can be used with just a single laptop for scorekeeping and timekeeping, or expanded to include scoring controllers for up to 5 judges and a second monitor for competitors and spectators to view the real time score. User options are built in for compliance to AAU, USAT and USSAA rules, but can easily be changed for each school's needs.

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Features Include:
  • Can be used on a stand alone laptop for scorekeeping and timekeeping
  • Can accomodate up to 5 judges using electronic controllers
  • Support for a 2nd monitor for displaying realtime match information to competitors and spectators
  • Supports AAU, USAT and USSAA Taekwondo rules for Point Sparring, Olympic Sparring, Brazilian Repechage bracketing, point gap, maximum deductions, point ceilings, sudden death and more.
  • Easy to use scoring software takes only a few minutes to learn.  No hidden functions for scorekeepers to memorize.
  • Option to test controllers quickly and easily to ensure all judges controllers are working correctly, even during the match.
  • Can be used for Point Sparring.  (Number of judges needed to award a point can be set by the scorekeeper.)
  • Works with other scoring system's hardware.  If you currently have an existing electronic scoring system, you can update your software and still use your existing hardware.
  • Easy to see visual indicators for the referee to see.
The Quick2Judge system has been used in thousands of matches at local, regional and national events. These events include:  Indiana Taekwondo Academy Invitational, Indiana State AAU Championships, Iowa State AAU Championships and The Arnold.

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